Private practice for holistic medicine

Dr. Bernhard Kling & Dr. Wiltrud Kling

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About Us

In our private practice we want you and your whole family to feel at home and in good hands. We believe that health doesn’t just start with the right therapy, it begins the moment you set foot in our praxis. Consultations take place in a pleasant atmosphere and we offer flexible consultation hours for your convenience.

We treat each patient on an individual basis and that requires time – it is our pledge to take that time for everyone who comes to us. In our practice we offer both the most advanced holistic medicine as well as traditional forms of medicine. We provide an extensive range of examination and treatment options.

An extensive medical consultation and your individual needs form the basis for everything we do. To offer the most complete care, we combine conventional, science-based medicine and regulatory naturopathy. This allows us to treat each patient in their entirety, to bring balance and stabilise health. Our commitment to your well-being lies at the heart of all we do.

A good doctor treats the person - not the disease.

Dr. med. Bernhard Kling

founded the practice in 2001 and right from the beginning focused on natural medicine. After his graduation from medical school, specialising in surgery, inner medicine and pediatrics, along with his docorate in orthopedics he devoted himself to the holistic method, especially Acupuncture and orthomolecular treatment.

Dr. med. Wiltrud Kling

joined the practice in 2014 as a general practitioner specialising in the preventive medical checkup, stress ECG, capacity diagnostics and ultrasound examinations. She has a doctorate in diseases of the thyroid gland and also extensive training in acupuncture and holistic medical care.



General Services

  • Family doctor
  • Prevention for children and adults
  • Home visits
  • Psychosomatic medicine
  • Palliative care
  • Pain therapy
  • Wound care
  • Vaccination advice
  • Travel medicine advice
  • Nutrition course

Travel medicine advice

  • Travel- and Tropical Medicine
  • Individual planning of Vaccinations for children and adults
  • All vaccinations incl. Yellow fever
  • WHO Vaccination Center No. 602
  • Diving medicine incl. health certificate


  • All standard laboratory tests
  • Stress ECG
  • Sport examination
  • Diving examination
  • 24h blood pressure test
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Ultrasound: abdominal, thyroid gland, Blood vessels (vascular system)
  • Visual test
  • Auditory test
  • Polygraphy (home based sleep analysis)


  • Special consulting hours for children (infections, headache, nutrition, allergy, skin problems)
  • Prevention U2 – J2
  • Development test
  • Individual vaccination

Special services in holistic medicine

  • Acupuncture, traditional chinese medicine (TCM)
  • Laser acupuncture
  • Regulation medicine
  • Neural therapy
  • Holistic pain therapy
  • Complementary cancer therapy
  • Ozone therapy
  • Autohaemotherapy
  • Vitamine infusions
  • Bioresonance therapy
  • Detox treatment
  • Magnetic field therapy eMRS
  • Holistic allergy treatment
  • Nature-identical hormone therapy